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How to dress in Las Vegas?
A blonde model in pink and black corset
They say that what you do in Las Vegas remains a secret.  Well, what about:  "What Happens in Vegas, is What's Worn in Las Vegas."  In other words, there is a reason why almost all celebrities go to Las Vegas the way the rest of us go to Olive Garden or Red Lobster.  But that doesn't mean that at least as long as you are there, you can do things that you only dream about.

Now one company has made it easier for you to dress the part.  Remember that no matter how much the limit on your credit card or what car you drive back home, if you are not dressed the part, you may not be able to enter the hottest nightclubs or be treated with no respect at trendiest restaurants.

You must be wondering it must be too expensive then.  Jay McCarthy, the president and founder of Hipwear, knows who his target customers are and they have it all in prices ranges, all the way from 575 Denim, hot couture dresses, corsets and suits, to an amazing line of high-end heavy metal inspired jewelry.  Adorned with pink "Hello Kitty" Fender guitars, a lounge area with leopard sofa, plasma screen television with modeling footage, and mahogany hard wood floors, Hipwear is a very warm and exciting boutique (across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel).
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