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Boston swan boat ride

One of the challenges of sightseeing is that most of us are not used to walking and when we do go on a vacation, between walking and standing, we all get tired.  That is why it is a good idea to figure out how to minimize walking and standing up by taking public transportation and taking rest breaks.

I recall when I went to Paris for about 10 days and we walked so much that one day my wife and I almost fought in the morning because I was so tired that I did not want to get out of bed.  Later on I realized that my dressy Bostonian shoes were actually not ideal for walking for a long time and then on another trip to Barcelona, at El Corte Ingles (the largest department store in Spain) I bought a pair of elegant-looking leather shoes that are as comfortable as sneakers.  So I am very comfortable when I walk but can still walk into an elegant restaurant and not feel shabby and out of place.

That is why, while visiting Boston, I suggest that you should check out the Boston Commons during spring and summer.  It is just incredibly beautiful park, much smaller than Central Park in New York City, but better maintained.  Still, unless this is the place you start your day, just take a swan boat ride to enjoy all the greenery, flowers, and spectacular views of the Boston skyline.

Picture of tourists taking a ride in a swan boat in Boston Common

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