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Rama Restaurant in San Diego is now a celebrity favorite
Apart from JSix restaurant in San Diego, there is another restaurant that Hollywood celebrities are rushing to:  Rama, a Thai restaurant in the Gaslamp Quarter of the city.  Rama has become a favorite destination for celebrities such as Shakira, Halle Berry, Kobe Bryant, Elle Macpherson, and Brandi.  

Interior of Rama restaurantPositioned in a warehouse setting, the restaurant boasts "dreamlike décor" for an intimate and romantic dining experience. Whisper thin, tapered draperies drop from impressively high ceilings, billowing from the rafters to surround plush booth seating below. A discerning Buddha, like Tao in Las Vegas, overlooks the dining room, seated before a cascading wall of trickling water and towering rock.

The menu consists of traditional Thai fare with authentic specialties. The kitchen is lead by chef Pannuwat Soukjai, who trained at Thailand’s Royal Culinary Institute. The menu is a fusion of spicy, cool, sweet, salty and refreshing sensations, with a "hot" scale ranging from 1-10, a challenge for the most seasoned of spice connoisseurs.

You can also check out the 30-Two Bar & Lounge, where guests are invited to relax and enjoy a serene and tranquil, luxury lounge atmosphere. 30-Two is San Diego’s first and only private lounge, reserved exclusively for members or guests of Rama restaurant.
How to spot Scarlett Johansson?
Scarlett Johansson
We already told you how to spot Drew Barrymore in New York.  Well, there is another movie star that spends a great deal of time in the city: Scarlett Johansson.  And like many other celebrity New Yorkers - Sarah Jessica Parker included - she does not hide from the rest of us by not getting out of the house and then getting into limos.  Actually, she walks her dog, drives herself (pumping gas included), and eats at restaurants that most of us can afford to eat, for instance, the Lobardi's.  

Another favorite spot of this animal lover is the Central Park Zoo.  Like anyone who loves shopping, she takes the time to visit the boutiques on Fifth Avenue but don't be surprised to see her browsing small shops in the Pearl River Market or Lower East Side.
Hollywood celebrities in Oahu
Picture of Adventure Girl Stefanie Michaels
Adventure Girl Stefanie Michaels is a well known journalist and travel guru.  The greatest part of her reporting is that she goes through each experience that she writes about rather than just reporting what others tell her.

In that context, her trip to Kahala Resort on the Island of Oahu (in Hawaii) was remarkable because she believes that the island of Oahu has so much to offer to all visitors, though it is no wonder that it has always attracted the Hollywood elite. A lengthy list of celebrity sitings such as Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake (who enjoy surfing there), comedian- David Spade, rock star- Kelly Clarkson, Rock Star Super Nova's- Tommy Lee, surfer- Laird Hamilton, Will Smith, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James and Ben Affleck, American Idol's cast members - Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson are just a few who have enjoyed Oahu's activities, fine dining and nightlife.  (Related:  Maui too has great beaches)
G Spa in New York
Exterior of G-spa in New YorkA place in New York where you will see a lot of celebrities hang out is called G Spa, which believe it or not is a spa by day but a wild nightclub after regular hours.  Some of the celebrities that have been seen there are James Blunt, Petra Nemcova, Lindsay Lohan, Jay-Z, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Eliza Dushku, Scott Sartiano, Richie Akiva, and Justin Timberlake/Cameron Diaz.

This lounge is part of Hotel Gansevoort in the Soho neighborhood.  The upscale spa offers pools for soaking, body treatments, sauna, and a Hiro Haraguchi hair salon.

While the lounge is the place to be for celebrity spotting, it is not the perfect place if you do not have tons of money.  Like Bridge in Hollywood, expect not-so-great service for highly priced drinks (there is even a table minimum).  In other words, go in a big group and spend enough to meet the minimum limit and spend your time admiring the stars rather than the drinks.
Eat at Koi and party at Bridge in Hollywood
Exterior of Bridge Restaurant in Hollywood
The Koi Group of restaurants is famous because of Koi - one of the most popular sushi joint in Hollywood and now they have another restaurant: Bridge.  This restaurant serves a mix of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine prepared by chefs Mirko Paderno and Santos MacDonal.  No surprise then that fans of Koi are lining up to eat at Bridge.  Some of the Hollywood stars that hang out there are Jamie Foxx, Jessica Alba, Owen Wilson, and Eva Longoria.  (Other popular restaurants in the area:  Nobu, Il Sole, Orso, Moonshadows, and Hyde Lounge)

Now remember that it is an expensive place and unless you are a movie star, the service is likely to disappoint you - the staff is reported to be rude to the rest of us.  So go there for celebrity watching, not to eat.  Go the lounge instead of the restaurant, order some alcohol and munchies, and the let the fun begin.  And if you are hungry prior to going, eat at Koi.
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