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The Heroes travel the world

The "Heroes" has been a remarkable success and while it is considered as a program that brings people from different parts of the world together to save the planet, but the greatest thing about this program for me was that it is a combination of science fiction, fantasy, and good television.  No surprise then that the program is watched all over the world especially because there is one character from India and another one from Japan.  So if you like Ali Larter or Masi Oka or if you are enchanted by Hayden Panettiere, this is your chance to meet them in person.  Watch the video below for information about the world tour and also listen to the cast members speak about their plans.

Prince William and Harry on Lady Diana concert

Prince William broke up with Kate Middleton but looks as if like like Justin Timberlake, he was moving on really fast, but no, they

couple are together once again.  As a tribute to their mother, Lady Diana, they organized the concert in her memory in England.  Here is the video of their interview.  More videos of the concerts are below.  But make sure that you notice the fact that this Reuters reporter (who I think is hot) keeps addressing them as "chaps" (which I understand is like our "dude") and does not call them "Sir" or "Mr." or whatever.  I thought the British were more formal.  I wonder if I get to interview President Geroge Bush and if I can call him "Dude."

Here is one video report about the concert along with clips of songs by Joss Stone, Kanye West, P Diddy and Elton John.


J Lo and March Anthony at Puerto Rico Day
While Puerto Ricans are always thinking of leaving the United States, I love the people and the island.  I don't why they would want to be independent.  And that is why every time I go to New York City, I make sure that I plan my trip around the day when they have the Puerto Rican Day parade.  Not only do you get to see some of the Latino stars, you meet wonderful, happy people (though it seems that they make more noise than the NYPD likes), and have a great time.  Though there have been recent complaints that she has been ignoring her Spanish-speaking fans, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were at the parade supporting their culture and showing that they do care.


Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller eat at Archipelago restaurant
Photo of Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller on a girls night out
When you are in London, you can go to the Mahiki Bar, stay at the Blakes Hotel, and like Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller, head to the Archipelago restaurant in London's West End neighborhood.  Most food critics rate this restaurant as a premier dining spot in this city for eclectic dining.  I also hear that London is also the city to eat the best Indian food.

And ecletic it is because the menu is not from one place in the world.  You can choose from Saigon Seduction to Arabian Parcels to Jamaican Mountain Chicken.  For appetizers, choose from Latin Cossack or Rajasthan Strut or Aegean Wrap.  Desserts menu includes Amazon Thaw, Colombian Fix, Tropical Igloos and African Sunset.

And trust me.  While it is a favorite of the celebs, it isn't unaffordable.  A simple dinner for two can be had for less than $100 though if you want to eat like the stars, plan on spending double that amount.
Nelly Furtado in Miami

Photo of Nelly Furtado with a cake

Well, there are several places in Miami that attract the Hollywood celebs, but definitely the Club Mansion (Washington Avenue on Miami Beach) is one of them.  All the way from Ashlee Simpson to Wilmer Valderrama to Paris Hilton to Fergie and Black Eyed Peas have partied at this popular nightclub that serves some of the finest drinks, invites major bands to play, and attracts the most beautiful people almost all the time.

No wonder then that Nelly Furtado chose Mansion for an after-party to celebrate her Miami tour.  What I like about this club is that unlike other nightclubs where you get to enter only if you are a celebrity or a hot model or a couple (with the woman being hot), at this club, you can simply buy your way in.  Call to make a reservation and the table is yours.  It will cost  you a little bit of money based on the size of the party, but it is well worth it.

Other nightclubs and hotels that I like in the Miami area are Snatch, Mokai, Havana Club, Bricks, Shore Club and Setai.      

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