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Mamma Mia New York
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I grew up listening to ABBA songs and I still have a collection of those popular tracks.  I find them timeless.  I have since moved on to all genres of music, and like music all the way from trance to reggae to hip hop to classical, I still enjoy my Mamma Mia tracks.  And that is why I strongly recommend Mamma Mia, the movie and the musical.  Believe it or not, but I cried watching the movie.  I think Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Amanda Seyfried put together a spectacular performance and convinced me to visit Greece.Image of Meryl Strep and Pierre Brosnen in Mama Mia

Kodak in Times Square New York
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Starting with my allbum of billboards from Target, the Weatherproof Garment Company, and free business checking, this one from film and digital camera company Eastman Kodak should definitely make you smile.  Isn't she a cute girl?

Image of Kodak billboard in Times Sq in NYC

Free business checking in New York
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If you saw my billboards of Weatherproof Garment Company and Target then you might be wondering why I would feature a bland sign like this essentially touting nothing unique (apparently business checking is free at every bank.  Look closely, my friend.  See those men at the bottom on top of a crane platform installing the FREE sign.  Stumped!  They aren't real human being installing the massive billboard.  They are mannequins.

Image of fake men preparing billboard in Times Square

Weatherproof Garment Company models
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Obviously I fell in love with the gorgeous blonde on the Target billboard in Times Square in New York City, there is no way you could miss that red-haired beauty in a red trench coat on the Weatherproof Garment Company billboard.  The company is known for its catchy photos and at one time used a picture of President Barack Obama wearing one of its outdoor jackets on a visit to the Great Wall in China.

Image of a woman in red trench coat from Wetherproof garmetn company

Times Square Target billboard
Celebrites - Celebrity spottings

I don't know about you but I go to Times Square in New York City to not admire just the mass of people from all over the world, but also the neon lights and interesting billboards.  I must also confess that my wife and I often shop at Target (we love it for the same reasons that we love TopShop or Uniqlo or H&M) and have learned that you can buy very stylish items, including apparel (special designs by Isaac Mizrahi, Proenza and Schuler, Alexander McQueen, and Rodarte), at very affordable prices.

Image of a Target fashion billboard in Times Square

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